Supply Chain Risk Management Articles

Argon & Co: The EU Ban Forcing a Supply Chain Rethink

Judith Richardson, Head of Sustainability at Argon & Co, explains why firms are rethinking supply chains amid a ban on products made with forced labour


Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE New York: Day 2

Join us for day two of Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE New York, the premier virtual event for leaders in North America and Canada

KPMG International: The Biggest Risks Hitting Businesses

KPMG International's latest report shines a light on the challenges facing companies looking to grow internationally, including geopolitical tension

Shipping Losses Drop to All-Time Low – Allianz Commercial

Despite ongoing geopolitical tension, economic strife and extreme weather events, shipping losses have hit an all-time low according to Allianz Commercial

WTW: Companies are Expanding Political Risk Management

More than two-thirds (69%) of big companies continue to highlight supply chain disruptions relating to geopolitics, according to research from WTW

GlobalData: Supply Chain Pressure Emerges as Global Concern

Tesla has been hit hard by shipping diversions, according to GlobalData, while Airbus is among those benefitting from geopolitical tension

Dun & Bradstreet: Managing the Risks of Nearshoring

Experts from Dun & Bradstreet say companies must always consider a number of potential risks when choosing a nearshore supplier

Global Supply Chains at Full Throttle: GEP Index May 2024

The May edition of the GEP Global Supply Chain Volatility Index shows global supply chains are running close to their maximum capacity