Monday 25 Sep 2017

Welcome to the European Supply Chain Institute.

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On request from our members the Institute researches technologies that they feel will have a direct positive impact within the supply chain. In all programmes we focus on the application of the technology rather than the technology itself.
The membership of the Institute is predominantly at management level and is drawn from these industry sectors:

Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Logistics, Retail, Road Transport, Air Cargo, Universities, Finance, Security, Pharmaceutical, IT, Manufacturing, Consultants, Maritime, Rail, Government, Legal, Telecommunications.

Membership is by invitation only in order to maintain a balance between the industries and also suppliers and users. The countries the Institute has active membership in are:

France, UK, Ireland, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Romania.

Any member who requires a local partner or supplier within any of these countries can request the information from the Institute who through our preferred supplier programme will recommend contacts to them.

Regulations & Transport Policy
We maintain contacts with all national and international regulatory bodies to ensure that our members are kept informed about any changes, which may affect them.

The Institute works on behalf of its members on how to promote best practise in the industry from training to customer services and to this end we run an annual accreditation programme which is open to all service providers who if successful in their application will be placed on our preferred supplier list.



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