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Waldemar Winckel Collaborates with Carbon Council

Established in 2007, The Supply Chain Carbon Council works in partnership with global innovators from the technology and strategic advice sectors to tackle the issues surrounding carbon emissions management and reduction.

Waldemar Winckel are joining the Council as a lead sponsor of the multiyear program promoting the application of RFID/NFC Wireless Sensing to the problem of accurately tracking emissions through the supply chain to product level. The program will also be highlighting the application of supporting Data Management technologies.Winckel are acting as the exclusive Label Converter provider to the project.

"If You Can Measure It You Can Manage It" This is the key to a Sustainable Supply Chain. Industry needs ot apply more not less ICT to the problem of Emissions Management. To realise it's full business and environmental value, Product Level Carbon Footprinting will need to to leverage ICT that enables efficient dynamic emissions monitoring and decisions support.

The ability of RFID/NFC Wireless Sensing to bring a high level of visibility to a products emissions output at all stages in the Supply Chain is unrivalled and should be harnessed on a global scale.

"To have an interrogatable label on all products that gives the true real time 'Emissions Footprint' of tghe product is invaluable to business and untimately the consumer" comments John Connors, CEO of the Supply Chain Carbon Council.

"I firmly believe, that we are in the process of entering a new era of conciousness when it comes to the indiaviduals carbon footprint. Technology providers will help initialize or act as an enabler to our environment, to reduce greenhouse gases.

By creating awareness through RFID & NFC and implementing such technology, we are laying a platformfor manufacturers, retailers and consumers to focus on products with a small carbon footprint, thus building an infrastructure for 'sustainability' that generation to come will benefit from.

I am adamant, that the Carbon Council will play a very important role in helping push the subject matter to market, hence we are thrilled to be on board" comments Charlie Purser, Director Business Development Waldemar Winckel.

About Waldemar Winckel

Winckel offer a total solution to the market from tags and labels up to the most modern auto-id systems based on RFID technology.

Whether hardware or software they provide the best for integrated systems solutions, indiavidually for every company and tailor made to their requirements.

In addition all RFID label manufacturing is done inhouse in their own facilities. Their offering includes RFID labels and tickets in different geometry and materials.

They produce from the simple dispatch label up to the customer-specific tags, pre-printed or plain, initialized and indiavidualized.


All parties interested in the activities of the Carbon Council or wish to be considered for participation should email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +353 646685831


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