The Carbon Council is bringing together the Thought Leaders from industry and government to promote best practise and further identify actions that can be taken by the supply chain and supporting industries to encourage transformative action and emissions reduction.

The Council will be assessing where we are now and the current programs in place but the key focus is on how we can further improve supply chain activities to reduce emissions and provide environmentally friendly products to the consumer.

Some excellent work has already been done by industry which is encouraging but looking at the current situation globally, we have a lot left to do if we are to achieve the carbon reduction goals being set out by legislators.

A clear indication of progress is around Sustainable Finance. Many financial institutions now have a focus on Sustainable Finance which is linked to an organisations Environmental, Social and Governance credentials and those of their suppliers. This is a positive and helps to focus attention on the true environmental lifecycle of products from manufacturing to distribution.

All aspects of Sustainable Supply Chain Management will be addressed in the program which will be a multiyear initiative providing information to the supply chain to further inform and enhance their carbon reduction efforts.

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The Carbon Council interviews Smart Freight Centre.

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